Email template: Call for defunding of the LAPD to your Councilmember.

50%+ of LA’s budget will be allocated to LAPD. We must demand The People's Budget which will fund people not police. Top learn more about The People's Budget click here


Contact these council members now to demand a halt:


Council President Nury Martinez

Phone: 213-473-7006


Chair of Budget Allocation Paul Krekorian

Phone: 213-473-7002

The below is a template based on our co-founder's own email. We encourage you to personalize it as fit. 

From: [Your Email]
Subject: This [mother/father/constituent] is begging you to Adopt a People’s Budget

Dear Nury Martinez, 


I am writing today as a concerned and active citizen of Los Angeles, a [mother/father/constituent/voter], and a business owner. We need reevaluate our spending and adopt a People’s Budget - this includes a major defunding of the police and budget allocation towards care for the community like education, mental health resources, small business, our homeless community and public transportation.  


We are in the midst of a health pandemic with severe economic consequences. Over 50% of Angelenos are unemployed — and we can expect 42% lasting unemployment. Over 50% of this city is renters — and if folx are unemployed, they cannot pay rent. Prior to the pandemic, there were around 60k unhoused folx; after evictions and economic insecurity due to COVID-19 and its fall out, we can expect thousands more. In this context, the Mayor is proposing an increase to LAPD, despite the fact that crime has fallen considerably during the past few months. LAPD has seen a rise in overtime which, more often than not, is paid out to officers harassing unhoused folx, and Black, Indigenous, people of color. 


The LAPD is one of the most abusive and corrupt law enforcement departments in the country, and the city is repeatedly sued over the LAPD’s abuse of power. We are in the midst of a global health pandemic — thousands remain unhoused and millions are at risk of joining those ranks. Black, Brown, poor, institutionalized and unhoused bodies are at the greatest risk of being exposed to and dying from COVID-19. These are the same folx who are disproportionately impacted by LAPD violence.


The People have spoken. We cannot spend 40%+ of our budget on the LAPD. We want the city to invest in universal needs like quality housing for all, universal access to healthy food, financial and economic support, climate justice, free and quality public transit, public health and mental health support. They want the city to divest from traditional policing. And they DO NOT want you to give LAPD an additional $100,000 for the “Through Our Eyes” Program.  


After declining to vote on this draconian proposal, City Council referred it back to the Budget and Finance Committee. Now, the Committee has decided not to meet, thereby shirking its duty and upholding the racist and white-supremacist structures that underlie both the proposal and City Council as a governing body. 


I am calling on you, Nury Martinez, to call for an emergency halt of this budget approval at which you and the other Committee members consider the People’s Budget which centers Care, not Cops. You need to Adopt a People’s Budget which defunds the police. Public opinion is with me.


Thank you for your time,

[Your name]