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10 Ways to Get Well: Follow these Women & Brands in Wellness

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

“You have to plan and cultivate good health. You have to commit to good health. You have to live good health because it comes from the inside out.”- Queen Afua, Sacred Women: A guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit

Between the continuous fight for social justice and the global health crisis, it may be difficult to focus on your wellbeing and restoration of your mental, emotional, and physical health. Seeking personal growth and healing in all its facets of life is pressing for the times we are living in.

The CDC has acknowledged that feelings of distress as a result of current circumstances are natural and encourages people to take care of their bodies, take personal breaks, avoid too much exposure to the news, and seek therapy. In addition, physical activity has proven to release endorphins that enhance a sense of well-being as well as psychological benefits. Remember, taking care of yourself is unique to you and there are many ways to practice self care.

Whether you are interested in new physical activities, dietary practices, fitness products, or personal growth and healing, we have compiled a list of WOC Instagram pages that can guide you down your path towards wellbeing in life.

Dalina Soto is a Dominican American registered dietitian guiding members in the Latinx community in discovering what health means to them individually. She encourages an end to chronic dieting and promotes bodily respect.

“The wellness world is very Eurocentric and sometimes can feel super unattainable to us. Instead we should focus on things that actually help us feel good and that can help reduce stress and feel a little better even if it is just taking 5 mins out of the day to breath and connect with our bodies.”- Dalina Soto MA, RD, LDN

Harriet’s Apothecary is a collective of Black healers creating a space of community where Black, Indigenous, POC have the power, resources, and care to live their desired lives. From herbal tarots to messages of resilience, Harriet’s Apothecary affirms personal wholeness.

Blk Folx Therapy was founded by therapist, Jardin Dogan in hopes of promoting practices for Black mental health and wellness such as the building of self knowledge, resistance strategies, and embracing growth and healing.

“Health is not only physical, but also mental/emotional, spiritual, social, financial, and environmental. And prioritizing our wellness in all of these areas allows us to resist societal structures that are designed to harm us.”- Jardin Dogan M.Ed, Ed. S & founder of @blkfolxtherapy

The global collective of women, Sisters of Yoga encourage mindfulness, representation, and community through yoga and wellness practices. This collective includes yoga enthusiasts, holistic wellness practitioners, and vegan nutrition coaches.

Gopika Prabhu Setlur is the founder of elefint, a women-run design studio in Oakland, CA and works in close relationship with The Art of Living Foundation where she helps others learn breathing techniques and meditation work in hopes of increasing energy, maintaining spirit, and strengthening a sense of belonging. Gopika has been practicing and teaching breath work and meditation for 16 years. More recently, she incubated a community wellness space, which continues to serve Black, Latino, and all People of Color through a sliding scale and donation-based programming.

She stated, “With the onset of COVID-19, more people globally started looking for ways to de-stress and deal with their minds. According to a Google trends release in May 2020, self care, relaxation, breathing exercises, and even, "live meditation with Sri Sri" were surging globally. (Sri Sri is short for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of Art of Living).”

Tiffany Tynes-Gonzales, founder of Fierce Fit Club by Tiffany, a virtual fitness community designed to inspire others in reaching their fitness goals despite the lack of a physical gathering space. The Fierce Fit Club hosts live classes every week focusing on strength and cardio.

‘With everything going on in the world, it's very easy to slip into a state of feeling unmotivated, and not wanting to take care of the mind and body. It's very important for us in the fitness industry to continue to implement health and wellness on our platforms now just as much as we would in a studio setting.’- Tiffany Tynes-Gonzales, Fitness Instructor and Trainer

Keep it Cute Fitness is the perfect place to start your stylish fitness journey. The brand was founded by Jonnel Chavez and is a one stop shop for home fitness guides, workout essentials, fitness attire, and meal plans.

Glamourina is an activewear brand created to represent women of all skin tones, body shapes, and physical attributes. The brand provides culturally athletic apparel to motivate women of color to live an active lifestyle.

Babes of Wellness offers accessible wellness tips, resources, and information to all WOC and creates a safe space for survivors of violence. LA native, Kathy Novoa was inspired to create Babes of Wellness based on her personal upbringing and volunteering at women’s shelters. This Latina owned studio and space caters to the South LA community, where there’s a lack of health and wellness resources.

“It's time to break that generational curse of poor health, lack of educational health resources & healing wellness practices. When we begin to open the doors to healing, our people's spirit will naturally be drawn to it because it's what's been robbed from them.” -Kathy Novoa, founder & owner of Babes of Wellness

Looking for products for self care Sunday, checkout Body and Mind Soulutions (BAMS) for massage oils, salt bath therapy, essential oils and scrubs. These vegan products are perfect to ignite your relaxation or to include in a self care package gift.

Burnout and exhaustion are real, and investing in mental health allows us to regain hope and seek liberation. It’s easy to find yourself in a trance as you scroll through social media, but hopefully these uplifting and affirmative pages can guide you as you seek new or consistent practices for interpersonal wellness.


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