11 Action Items for the 2020 Election

The opportunities below range from high impact to the bare minimum, it really simply depends on how 'bout it 'bout it you are for the cause. This is going to take some sacrifice & some work.

OK y'alle, w've been in battle mode for a minute but as we get closer and closer to November 3rd, it's crucial that we all commit to taking actionable steps to make sure everyone votes with purpose. And if you know Our House, we want all our friends to vote BLUE.

We've rounded up 11 different ways for you to get involved from phone banking to voter registration and overall voting awareness in your communities.

Phone banking might be the most important action item on this list, after voting of course. It allows us to activate our voices in battleground states and areas with low voter turnout. Unfamiliar with phone banking? That's OK. It's pretty simple and is one of the most effective ways civilians can support an electoral campaign. Phone banking is a form of outreach by political campaigns where volunteers call potential voters to identify supporters, raise funds, get people to attend events, and persuade them to vote for a candidate or a cause.

If you decide to get involved with phone banking, you may be doing anything from preparing scripts, making the actual calls and even recruiting and training more phone bankers (this is a great way to make a difference with friends while maintaining social distance!). Phone banking parties are the new dinner parties!

The opportunities below range from high impact to the bare minimum, it really simply depends on how 'bout it 'bout it you are for the cause. This is going to take some sacrifice & some work. And at this stage we need all the support we can get. This is the most important election of our lifetime.

So check out these opportunities to fulfill your civic duties and let's get to work:

  1. Find out what's on your ballot at Vote 411: it's incredibly important that we are familiar with every candidate, not just President and VP. Local elections are the bedrock of the US political system.

  2. Make a voting plan with Ballot Ready: are you voting early on 11/3? Are you voting by mail or in person? Where is your polling place and what day/time do you plan to vote. Plan your vote like you'd plan brunch with friends.

  3. Register to vote and learn about your states ballot via Vote Save America.

  4. Adopt a battleground state with Vote Save America

  5. Sign up to phone bank with Swing Left: you will need a phone, a separate device + internet and at least 2 hours of your time. You can do this literally RIGHT NOW.

  6. Adopt Voters in Battleground States with Vote Forward: Vote Forward sets you up with everything you need to send letters to voters in states like Texas and Florida. All you need is a printer, a pen, a place to writer, some stamps and an envelope. Get some friends on Zoom and make it a party!:

  7. Become a poll worker: not for the faint of heart, the hours are long but this is an incredibly important job (and PAID!) typically filled by our elders who are encouraged to stay home during COVID. Be an American Hero, Become a Poll Worker!

  8. If you are nervous about voting in person, request a ballot by mail and vote early. Learn about your states early voting policies here.

  9. Phone banking with Seed the Vote!

  10. Review your voting rights

  11. Become a phone banker with Democratic Volunteer Center

Have more things we should add? Email hello@ourhouse.la and we'll add to this list!

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