Art History: A Watchlist for The Revolution, Pt. 1

It’s now June. The world has changed drastically since May, when I last made a watchlist. There is a movement happening outside your window. It is unifying, it is shocking, it is powerful. The world as a community has come together and we are standing up for what is right.


For far too long we have been taught to distract ourselves and avoid dealing with what oppresses us and our neighbors.

Many live in a space of denial and the best way to stay there is to constantly feed yourself with only desired and often digestible content. Content that allows you to forget what is happening. Content that makes you feel like everything is just fine.

The truth is, it has never been fine. Let us lean in and feel comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

We must educate ourselves, so we can then educate others. As Maya Angelou said, “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” Maya Angelou has been a massive influence in my life. I truly owe my interest in poetry, books, and community work to her words.

When I moved to the United States from Brazil, my first teacher Ms.Moore had me recite “Still I Rise.” I was a 5th grader, who barely spoke English, and here I was reciting these words of power, courage, and liberation -- all of which I was too young to understand. Ms. Moore has been one of life’s greatest gifts, she educated me on the struggles of the Black community in the United States.

This wasn’t completely foreign to me, because I had seen the struggles of my own family members and those of the Black community back home. Brazil was the last country in the Western world to abolish enslavement.

Thanks to Ms. Moore, however, I learned courage. Courage to stand up for myself so I could then stand up for someone else.

I am no expert and I have much more to learn. I have taken this time to put my money where my mouth is by donating, showing up, signing petitions, and emailing my representatives. Most importantly, taking this time to educate myself.

In last piece I wrote for Our House, I suggested a media consumption diet and at this moment we must become even stricter. Education is power.