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Art History: A Watchlist of Quarantine Classics V1

“In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.” -Iman, Supermodel.

It is day 146 inside. I have completely lost sense of time. It took me almost a full hour to count up the amount of days Los Angeles has been “Safer at Home.” I am bad at math, yes, but I am overly distracted at this moment. There is access to anything and everything on the world wide web at all times. Everyone knows where everyone is.....at home. Despite social distancing measures, there’s all kinds of connection fatigue at levels we’ve never seen. As my dad says “ If you were here, we wouldn’t be talking as much.” He makes light of the situation but it is true– I struggle. The comfort of family leaves behind the largest hollow. I realized that after a month of watching every new movie I “must watch,” I have now turned to the familiar, the films that taught me to be courageous, the tv shows that stayed up late with me, and the characters that help put me to bed. Cheers is still my favorite bar. Luckily, it is the only one open right now.

When you revisit a classic, it immediately takes you back to a moment in time. Watching a feel good classic is the equivalent of having a deep hang with your oldest friend–something we are all deeply craving.

Studies show that The Real Housewives became popular when the number of women in the work force reached its peak. The reason: women missed hanging out with their friends. One hour of the housewives has the same emotionally stimulating effects on the viewer as dinner with your favorite crew.

So the Golden Girls are my friends, Friends ARE your actual friends.

What makes something a classic? A classic film or tv show is often a unique work of content that has transcended time and trends. This is true. A feel good classic is a film or tv show that shaped you.

Here are the feel good classics I believe are worth your summer binge:

Disclaimer: This list does not do justice to all the classics of the world. These are just my go to’s. I am only one girl in a small but cozy East LA apartment.


Booksmart directed by Olivia Wilde: Current Classic. I hope there is a thirteen year old girl watching this film every night before bed, learning all the words and quoting it back to her friends.

Matilda directed by Danny Devito: Matilda makes you believe in magic, standing up for what is right and is an ode to the national treasure that is Danny Devito.

Love and Basketball directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood: As a child I wanted nothing more than a note to get me out of P.E, but this movie made me believe in love and sports.

A Little Princess directed by Alfonso Cuaron: This film is beautiful! It tells the story of a young girl in India who is sent to boarding school during World War I, relying on her kindness and cunning when she finds her life lost to servitude. This 1995 film is a perfect quarantine reminder of the power of imagination.

School of Rock directed by Richard Linklater: This film always reminds me that it is never too early or too late to start again. Need I say more?


Mr. Iglesias: The current classic on the TV list. Mr. Iglesias is an old school sitcom that meets today’s topics head on. Filled with diversity and important life lessons, this classic provides humor the whole family can enjoy.

The Golden Girls: This sitcom is revolutionary. Picture it: a sitcom completely led by women, tackling women’s issues, feminism and life after 50. Recently, an episode where Blanche grapples with her confederacy upbringing has resurfaced. This show has aged gracefully (just like its women).

I Love Lucy: The most famous show of any. This sitcom was created by a woman and a Latin man. Lucille Ball became the first woman to own a production company. Networks insisted the public would not accept the marriage of an interracial couple, but Lucy refused to be in the show otherwise, and I am a firm believer that that was the secret sauce in making it wildly popular worldwide.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Want 90s Nostalgia? Look no further. This show is not only a staple of its time, but its heartbeat lies on the topics of authenticity, social class and race. This show was a massive hit in South America – in Brazil they called it “Um Maluco No Pedaço (A Crazy In The Area)."

Twin Peaks: I know what you are thinking, “this is way out of left field”– I agree. But I would not feel okay leaving you with a summer binge list that does not include David Lynch’s masterpiece Twin Peaks. One summer I stayed home and binged Twin Peaks and although I have been inside for 146 days, it was still one of the best spent summers of my life.

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Mariana Da Silva is a Brazilian Mexican writer/actress who lives in Los Angeles. She is the founder of El Cine, a Latin Film Organization that promotes film education and charitable giving. Mariana has appeared on Telenovelas and TV series, her credits include El Rostro De Analia, Las Dos Caras de Ana and NCIS. Mariana's  short films have appeared at festivals world wide.

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