November Horoscopes: Embrace Quick Transformation This Scorpio New Moon

"This is a great transit to begin building your 2021 goals and visions for those aspiring to get a head start on the year ahead"

There’s some wonderful energy brewing in the cosmos for this Scorpio new moon amidst all the current chaos and confusion. On November 15, this Scorpio new moon will activate the watery depths of emotional undercurrents–which we must explore–as it precedes the journey towards inner clarity. When you swim the depths of any body of water you must blindly navigate the murky waters towards the light. Much like that, this new moon is filled with mystery and optimism.

Mars turns direct from his retrograde in time for this Scorpio new moon on Nov. 14th. Mars is the planet of action. He is the traditional ruler of the zodiac sign of Scorpio, which creates a pleasant intermingling of energies. You can expect swift changes thanks to Mars’ influence. You’ll feel inspired to express yourself this transit. Speak your truth, but speak with clarity and empathy, as Mars and Pluto (Pluto is the current ruler of this Scorpio) paired together tend to create ruckus and destruction. Expect a final round of releasing anything that is no longer serving you come this new moon, as you begin embarking on creating new realities. Thanks to the Capricorn stellium that is sextile this new moon, and the harmonious trine with Neptune, there’s room for hope if you choose to view things from such perspective. There’s also opportunity to view situations from a distorted perspective of cynicism, combative aggression, and even perversion for those seeking to operate in Scorpio’s lower vibrational frequencies.

This is a great transit to begin building your 2021 goals and visions for those aspiring to get a head start on the year ahead. If you’re invested in self-healing, this is a great transit for working on self-love and intimacy and healing any sexual trauma (as Scorpio rules sex, intimacy, and transformation). Be mindful with Neptune’s heavy influence come this lunar transit that there is a possibility of miscommunication and misunderstandings due to Neptune ruling the energies of illusions and self-induced presumptions. You’ll want to make concrete decisions built on logic this transit as the intuitive voice might be blurred with Neptune’s watery hyper-sensitive play on fiction vs. non-fiction. Thus, be mindful of handling any heated discussions by embracing Venus’ transit in Libra, which pairs nicely alongside the new moon to assist with any mitigating and peacemaking necessities.

The moon and sun will both be at 23 degrees in Scorpio activating the 5 Numerology vibration of change, flexibility and freedom.

Check out your horoscope below to see how this energy can play out for you. Read based on your sun or rising sign.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

This is a wonderful new moon that will activate your psychic abilities and will assist you with releasing any unhealthy neurotic tendencies such as pessimism, paranoia, or self-doubt. You’ll feel liberated this new moon as you reach new levels of security in your sense of self. This is a strong transit for forming a union with the self and an inner knowledge of who you are and the role you play in your life’s experiences. Trust the psychic downloads you’re receiving at this time.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You’re feeling secure with your relationships in both the business and romantic realms. Next thing you know, you’re planning tangible next steps in love and likely taking your love to new heights, Taurus. Some of you are meeting a new romantic partner who is a past-life soulmate ready to activate your spiritual Spidey senses. Expect your philosophical outlook on life to change and deepen as you undergo new ascension codes. This is a transit about creating harmony and compromising in all interpersonal dynamics of your life. <