• Andrea Hernández

Gastrology: Foods For Your Astrological Sign

"Whatever you identify as, there's no denying that food is fundamental in our lives and the connection of food with our emotional state. Let's go back to our roots, reconnecting with what nurtures us from the inside out."

This piece comes courtesy of Mood Foods

This is a dispatch from a nurturing place. Let's take a deep breath in together shall we? I'm writing to you from a warm spot in the tropics whilst consuming a cafecito (or two) on a mission to share an inherent knowledge to us as a collective. Food is fundamental. And if we are, in fact, what we eat —what does astrology say about our eating habits, according to our sign?

If you're an astrology fanatico, you may have just rolled your eyes and let out a big old sigh, but let's just indulge ourselves for a bit (no pun intended, by all means read this with snacks in hand) and focus on our sun signs just for the sake of it. As always, read for your sun, moon and rising to get a better scope of how you do you boo.


Ruled by aggressive Mars —fellow rams, if you're like me you like to indulge in picante food, anything hot and energizing. Pass the sliced mango, and don't forget the hot sauce, cayenne pepper, and lime juice. When life gives you lemons, you make a spicy ceviche instead! Slow your roll though, if you tend to inhale your food (a trait I'm guilty of) remember that you don't always have to be first, it ain't a race baby, it's a tasteful journey.


Sensual Taurus, ruled by Venus, a true gastronomo. You're here to indulge in all your senses and food is a plate best served in every possible way imaginable. You want food to spark your senses and you're not afraid to splurge on these pleasurable experiences. Unlike Aries, you're about taking your time whilst you eat, you need a relaxed environment where you can anchor down while you make your way through aperitivos, main course and desserts.


Chatty, breezy and friendly ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet. You're the reason sobremesa exists dear Gemini, you're all about good conversations around good food in good company. You're the type who likes to get creative in your kitchen, experimentation is your forte and you're not afraid to let your curiosity drive what takeout menu you go for this time. You're all about variation, you're most likely a connoisseur of latest trends in gastronomy or the kind of friend who's well versed in all the latest restaurant openings.


Nurturing at their core, ruled by the matriarchal Moon, Cancer's are known for their culinary abilities, not a coincidence that famous chefs such as the late Anthony Bourdain and Jose Andres are both native to this sign. You're a fan of homemade food, you actually love preparing meals for others, you're most likely to transcribe your abuelita's recipes. Emotions are tied to food, and can be used to celebrate and bring you comfort when you're feeling down.


The ego driven lion, ruled by the Sun, is always in search of a royal feast. You want luxury, but you're more about being seeing, getting dressed up for brunch is revitalizing for you and would probably disapprove of those who think athleisure is apropo at a dinner table. You love to host dinner parties where you can be both the admiration and entertainment to your loved ones, you may not be the one doing all the cooking but you won't hesitate to splurge on catering or go beyond and put the effort in the kitchen as long as it brings a smile to your guests.


Known for their tendencies to self-sacrifice, you guys are not opposed to trying out a diet for the sake of wellness, and may be the only ones to be able to carry it through without cheating on the occasional concha or empanada. You can make the most aesthetically pleasing dishes because of your attention to details, the kind of person that can take a simple salad and elevate it to the highest level of cuisine, you're also a great food upcycler, not wanting things to go to waste, you can make anything out of scraps!


Much like your other Venus ruled cousin, Taurus, you're all about indulging in beauty, aesthetics, well balanced meals that most definitely include a vinito or champagne, pero del bueno! Libra's are known for their sweet tooth as well as necessitating a particular atmosphere and aesthetics to elevate any meal. You're more into smaller portions so as to not go overboard (again, balance) and make room for everything that's on the meal course.


Co-ruled by both Pluto and Mars, Scorpios have an intense affinity for life. Like their cousin Aries, they can't tolerate the absence of spice, they might never forgive you for giving them anything bland. Your belief of "all or nothing" is what drives your appetite, whether it's cooking or dining out, you want the full on experience. Scorpio represents deep waters, and like your fellow water signs, you're not one to shy away from a mind expansive cocktail, dos o tres!


Oh baby, when it comes to indulgences, no one does it like a Sag, who's benevolent ruler Jupiter, is all about abundance. Thy cup runneth over, whether it's a mezcal drink indulged in the beaches of Tulum, to slurping spicy noodles in your home as travel is scarce, (much to your disappointment, as you're the epitome of wanderlust) you're all about bringing the exotic into your table and kitchen. You like to eat, drink, be merry and repeat. You look forward to sharing your table with foreigners, the wise, the philosophical and those who're like you, just looking to have a good time.


Ruled by stern Saturn, Capricorns are the workaholics of the zodiac, they may not make time for you, but they will certainly make space for a good meal. Capricorns are all about quality versus quantity, you keep to your meal schedule and won't hesitate to be the one to treat friends or family to lavish meals, as providing for others is your love language. You're traditional so a homemade meal is always something you appreciate, they won't appreciate you pushing food when they've said their full though, Saturn is about everything in good measure, and Capricorn follows through.


The humanitarian of the zodiac, ruled by radical and eclectic Uranus. You're into anything unusual, new and due to your compassionate nature, you may turn to more cruelty-free diets. You're not one to cook often, in fact, you're not a fan of routines at all. Not likely to follow recipes, "al pie de la letra" and you like going down your own path when it comes to picking out restaurants & takeout –you won't resort to "what's on trend." You're a fan of café as it fuels your brilliant mind and unconventional ideas!


As the last stage in the zodiac wheel, you're very much the type to indulge in food hedonism. You are the type to cook as a way to declare your love to others, as you're usually more of a detached being. You like to extend aperitivos into late night meals in deep conversations, illuminated by candle light and copious amounts of wine, which in turns tends to blur your vision both literally and metaphorically, detoxes and cleanses are good for you.

Whatever you identify as, there's no denying that food is fundamental in our lives and the connection of food with our emotional state. Let's go back to our roots, reconnecting with what nurtures us from the inside out.

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