How To Develop Personal Style One Detail At A Time

In partnership with Fashion Editorial Site, Emperifollá

When I was a kid, I wore a gold necklace with a tiny cheerleader charm on it. My mom had bought it for me at the local mall because I’d often tell anyone who would listen that I was a cheerleader. The necklace cut to the chase.

Like many people, I’ve always gravitated towards pieces of jewelry that tell the story of who I am. At the moment, I’m wearing two gold necklaces: one says “Leo” to show off my zodiac sign, the other sports an “F” as proof that my name is indeed Frances. Some of my most cherished pieces are the ones that allow me to carry a little bit of my home with me, like the black leather jacket with the Puerto Rican flag on the back that I scored at East Hearlem’s El Barrio Music Center.

To me, style is in the details.

I’ve often thought of myself as style-less. I tend to not care about trends and have an affinity for wearing all black (no matter the season or the place). My fashion choices are not risky and my wardrobe more closely resembles Fran Lebowitz than Carrie Bradshaw. Let’s just say there is a formula to how I look, but I am okay with that.

If you think about it, some of the most stylish people on the planet are known for their signature uniforms. Take Fran Lebowitz, for example, who is known for sporting blue jeans, white button down shirts, blazers, and cowboy boots. Or Frida Kahlo, who wore one of the most enigmatic fashion uniforms in history, taking her personal pain, heritage, and upbringing to craft her own wardrobe.

Yes, a style uniform can sound boring. After all, you are wearing an iteration of the same thing every single day. The word uniform may even sound anti-fashion, as it completely ignores trends within the outfit, but what if it's not a refusal of fashion? For many, the idea of high-end beauty is wrapped up in money and designer goods cast against a white backdrop. When style is measured in the details, there is room to make your heritage fashion.. There is room for fun. My black leather jacket isn’t the same one sported by all the hip kids in Soho, because it means more to me than aesthetics—it represents me. Dressing with meaningful accessories in mind sets you apart from the sea of 90s baguette bags and Air Force 1’s (which are still a super cute look, always do you). But adding these little additions sprinkles a bit of personality along the way.

In finding your own style uniform, you might just embark on a personal journey. What details define you? What parts of your life do you pick out to wear as your signature style? This sounds a little daunting, but it’s not. Here’s how you can do it.

STEP 1 - Get To Know Yourself