Our Gift Guide - Last Minute Gifts That Support Small Businesses and The Pursuit of Pleasure

Shop these small business goodies, support real people in real time and feel good too.

A really good gift requires very little explaining so in the spirit of taking up as little of your time as possible, here's a list of things we think your people (and you!) will love. Wrap it all in beautiful specialized wrap by unwrp and you're gtg. It's OK if the gift doesn't arrive in time for Christmas or Hanukkah - it's the thought that counts and well, this year has been intense enough, so give yourself some grace.

Take Pleasure in Taking Care of Yourself

Nicole Winhoffer Digital Membership: Nicole has danced with Madonna and trains women like Kate Hudson. Her cult classes aptly titled "The Winhoffer Method" used to only be available to New Yorkers and I was a devotee during my NYC days. You can now have Nicole all day everyday with her app. Best part? This digital gift is sure to arrive on time. Shop here.

Club Loofah Membership: The subscription service you didn't know you needed. Most people keep their loofahs way too long and scientists found that after 4 weeks in the shower, your loofah isn't so clean anymore and and can begin hosting gross germs and bacteria. Club Loofah delivers a new loofah monthly for about $7/month. Be someones hygiene hero while supporting this Black owned business. Sign up here.

Join Melanie Santos' Digital Community: Melanie Santos is one of our favorite creators to follow on social. You know those people you've never met in person but you've somehow built a deep connection with online? That's Mel. She is deeply passionate about creating social change by shifting the culture of wellness and self-care. Her work is rooted in guiding people towards intentional living, and connecting mental and physical health with spirituality. Melanie holds space digitally for those looking to deepen their inherent gifts. This is the perfect offering for your loved ones or yourself. Try a 7-day free trial here.

Muri Lelu Face Serums: Coined "Subversive Skincare," this sister founded skincare brand brings out the magic of full flower cannabis in a bottle. Made by and for women of charisma, complexity and discernment. Muri Lelu's serums cultivate a higher standard for clean skincare, elevating your beauty routine into a sophisticated ritual made by flower. I was instantly hooked by the gorgeous branding so ti find out it's functional too - Yes please. Shop here.

For the One Who Loves Beautiful Things

Isleñas Shoes: 2020 has been weird to say the least, most of us can't travel and I'm over it. Shoes bring me pleasure and guess what If I decide to eat my emotions my shoes still fit and look great, ultimate endorphin kick. Isleñas is a footwear brand established and manufactured with ethical practices in Puerto Rico by Karla Lopez. Their mission is to contribute to Puerto Rico's social transformation through manufacturing. To Do so they have partnered with non-profit Centro Sor Isolina Ferre to design and implement a training and manufacturing program that is providing opportunity to women in different sectors with diverse backgrounds. Buy some Isleñas, it's a guilty pleasure you can feel good about. Maybe hang that hammock in your living room, whip up a piña colada, and pretend you are on vaca, believe us you deserve it! Shop here.

Ale Bremer Jewelry: Ale Bremer is the creator of a jewelry line by the same name. She hails from the desert of northern Mexico and has been designing and making jewelry since 2003. Spending most of her time in the studio, making everything by hand, as she believes in the importance of making every single piece as important for her, as for the customer who’ll receive it. Shop here.

Bephie's Beauty Supply: Everything about Bephie's Beauty Supply is gorgeous. From the design to the brand messaging on her website. She is committed to her community and it shows. This brand just feels intimate. Intentional and authentic. Like your stepping into a mood board for a film starring James Baldwin if he were young today. Designed in LA by stylist Bephie, we want everything. Shop here.

Hello Updo Silk Scrunchies: Hello Updo makes silk scrunchies for textured hair in

two sizes: Smallish 6.5” & Biggish 10.5.” If you have big hair, you know how important a strong scrunchie is. We've come a long ways since Goody Brand hair ties. Hello Updo utilizes sustainably sourced materials and produces in small batches, making Hello Updo a dream brand to support: Founded by an Afro Latina and environmentally conscious? We'll take 10. Shop here.

The Mot Mot by Matek: The most stylist performance active wear on the market, Matek is constantly raising the bar when it comes to keeping us warm and prepared for an adventure. A clever and chic take on an outdoor staple called the baclava which dates back to 1856, founder Abigail Stern chatted with Hypebae about this surprise must have item: “Making new stuff in general isn’t great. But sourcing thoughtful materials and developing products with the intention and quality that they can and will last forever is.” In order to create the perfect fit, the balaclava was rigorously wear-tested for a year, ensuring the cozy accessory would easily fit when layered under a helmet, worn with goggles as well as over your nose or under your chin. Performance athlete or not, this piece is a must have for every and all Zoom meetings moving forward. Shop it here.

Bringing Joy To Littles

Brown Kids with Big Imaginations: The brilliant folks behind production company Happy Monday, are also the founders of Hyfn, a South Asian American clothing brand and storytelling platform. They design and develop collections of products to create a new offering in the market that speaks directly to their community while amplifying stories of South Asian disruptors in an effort to build community, empower and inspire. This little hoodie with a big message is a reminder to never stop imaging. This also comes in adult sizes and infant onesies! Shop here.

Ace & Em Paper Garlands: Founded by two best friends on the motherhood journey, Ace & Em create magical and quite impeccable paper garlands that serve as keepsakes forever. Choose from their new collection of letters in 3 styles and 9 colors or splurge for a custom garland hand drawn and painted with your creative direction. Ace & Em is perfect for a kiddos room or an adult celebration. Order by the letter here.

50+ Kids Books Created During COVID: Whether we want to remember this year or not, it happened and children are some of the most affected by the lockdown. ThMother Mag has curated a massive list of books created during COVID to help kids understand what's going on. These books are a timestamp of this time and while they may feel like an open wound now, these books will serve as a part of history for generations to come. Get the list here.

Other ways to spend your coin wisely:

Our friends at Represent Collaborative have curated 100 Black owned businesses to shop. Get the list here.

You can always support small Shop Latinx owned businesses by shopping Shop Latinx Marketplace here.

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