The Duality of Motherhood

To Mother is to explore the depths of duality.

It is conflicting emotions sandwiched next to each other at all hours of the day. Mothering is beautiful and messy. It's exhilarating and maddening all at once. Each day we are faced with evolving narratives, frustrating choices, moments of extreme joy, flashes of anger, a mountain of fear and worry, a love so intoxicating it pains you and little to no time to stop. Breath. Think and regroup. To Mother is to constantly adapt.

We’re currently experiencing unprecedented times where many parents are faced with the unrelenting battle of choice. Work or parent. Can they be done simultaneously? We don’t know but we’re doing it. The invisible work that is just par for the course, right? Parents of the world are surviving and while it may feel at times like a lose-lose situation many mothers are finding gratitude in the daily grind of parenting while quarantined. We are all being asked to truly face the mirror that is motherhood. And it's showing us what we're really made of: grit and a whole lot of grace. For our children and for ourselves.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day while sheltering in place, we wanted to highlight the highs and lows of being a Mother because the truth of it is that there is no one way to be a Mother and it’s probably the hardest job in the whole world. We are in awe of the effortless ways in which Mothers manage it all and in true Our House form, we're here to provide a platform for the complexities of being human and this includes the dualities of motherhood.

We talked to 8 mamas, new and more seasoned, who are balancing motherhood and their dreams, about the challenges and joys of raising humans. After reading this, call your mom, send a text to the parents in your life. Check in because, raising people ain't a walk in the park.

Diane Castañeda, Founder of Sirena Creative

The most beautiful thing about motherhood is having a teacher by my side. I know usually as parents we are the ones that are supposed to be teaching our kids everything, but my daughter has taught me so much. She has taught me to be patient, to be kinder, to work harder to leave our planet a better place, to make better choices. My daughter is the person I most admire. I work harder than ever to make sure I am also the person that she admires most too. 

The most challenging thing about motherhood: Where do I begin? There are so many, but for me it has definitely been balancing outside work and mom work. At the beginning of my journey as a mom, I worked with a lot of men and I always felt like I had to prove that being a mom did not make me less efficient at work. It was also something that I had to work on internally because I had to realize that I didn't need to prove that to anybody and my work spoke for itself, and that even though work was important, my priority was always my daughter. I still struggle with this one even when working for my own. I got a good cry about this topic with my husband just this morning. It's a daily challenge.

Griselda Rodriguez, Professor & Co-Founder, Brujas of Brooklyn

Most beautiful thing about motherhood is witnessing something that you co-created blossoming. I am fulfilled in knowing our child is at peace. Uff! My hearts wants to burst

The most challenging thing about motherhood is tending to your own inner child. We learn to pour into our child(ren) and often forget that our own inner child needs TLC as well.

Lydia Lauer, Nike Women & Founder of Making La Madre

The most beautiful thing about motherhood is that I have finally been able to acknowledge the amount of work my mother & maternal figures have put in to their families. The sacrifice, the devotion, the manual labor of child bearing and all of the expectations along the way.

The most challenging part of motherhood is making sure I am not raising an a-hole man child. Instead a compassionate human, partner and ally.

Carmen Alexandra, Founder of She The Collection

One of the most beautiful things about motherhood is seeing a child new to this world and so incredibly eager to learn and LIVE life to The fullest!

The most challenging thing about motherhood is having to introduce your carefree child to the constraints, fears, and insecurities that the world has. But the beauty in it all is trusting the process and knowing that you put your best foot forward 🙏🏽

Angie Romero, Spotify

The most beautiful thing about motherhood is witnessing the evolution of a tiny human as the result of all the love and nourishment that you give him and experiencing the pure, miraculous kind of unconditional love that puts you closest to God .

The biggest challenge in motherhood is fighting the exhaustion on a day to day basis, especially during a time like this. The only way to endure is to stay in the moment and remember that this too shall pass.

Ana Pompa Alarcon, Founder of findSisterhood

The most beautiful thing about motherhood for me is the way I get to experience and learn about love. There is nothing as pure and as intense as the love I feel for Leila and Ezra. I look at them, and I could cry out of happiness just because I love them so much. It's nothing I have ever felt before.

The most challenging thing about motherhood is always worrying.  I want them to be happy and healthy more than anything else in the world. And watching them suffer or getting hurt is the biggest heartache for me. I am trying to accept that the beauty of life is that we all experience the good and the bad.

But as I mom, I so desperately want them not to have to experience the bad. 

Maria Toro, Mother to a GROWN human

The most beautiful part is motherhood is the overwhelming feeling in your heart. Love in human form. Sometimes it’s painful, and in that pain you feel it even more. It’s crazy. Now I’m crying. Lol.

The most challenging part of motherhood is knowing that you’re shaping someone that will make a contribution to humanity. You want them to be a good person with values. It’s a responsibility. Every other challenging part is like a video game-you learn to juggle, lose a couple of points but get to the next level! You never stop being a mom. Even when you pass, you will always watch over them.

Marti Cuevas, Founder of Mayimba Music and Mother of Our House Co-Founder Zoila

The most challenging part of motherhood is instilling ethics and responsibility in our kids by EXAMPLE. We must try to become our best selves, when we are well aware that we are simply human beings, who are thus imperfect.

The most rewarding aspect of motherhood is absolutely everything- the highs, the lows and everything in between. We are flesh and blood, and bound together forever.